App for indoor TETRA surveys

RSI has introduced a free Android App called ‘Aries Probe Controller’ for indoor TETRA surveys designed to work with RSI’s existing Aries Probes (V3 model). The App allows the user to download floorplans and track their location in areas where GPS is not available while the Aries probes continue to work as normal logging coverage data and performing Voice Quality testing.

The App communicates with the Aries probe using a Bluetooth link. As well as indoor location tracking, the App allows the user to control and configure the probe and to initiate the survey. The App also provides an option to let the probe connect to the Aries server through the mobile phone – very useful for areas where there is no 3G/4G service but WiFi is available.

The App can be downloaded from here:

For full details of the App including a reference manual please contact RSI at:

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