Aries Windows Software

TETRA Survey Software

Connecting directly to a standard TETRA radio terminal with an interface cable, Aries Windows Software allows instant on-location surveys of TETRA networks. It can be used in standalone mode, or with the Aries server for more advanced functionality.

Aries Windows Software

  • Compatible with Motorola, Sepura and Teltronic TETRA terminals
  • Connects directly with interface cable
  • Log serving and neighbour cell parameters
  • Log Layer 2/3 key parameter when used with Motorola terminal in Airtracer mode
  • Use in standalone mode for basic functionality
  • Use with Aries Server for advanced functionality including mapping and statistical analysis
  • Export data to kml file for viewing coverage in Google Earth
  • Group Call Generator

Aries Windows Software

Aries Windows Software is a Windows application for surveying TETRA network coverage.

It connects to a standard TETRA radio terminal, via an interface cable, and logs the key coverage parameters for the serving and neighbour base sites. It is compatible with Motorola, Sepura and Teltronic radio terminals. If used with the Motorola radio terminal in Airtracer mode it will log the key Layer 2/3 parameters.

It can be used in standalone mode providing basic functionality or in conjunction with the Aries server to provide more advanced mapping and statistical analysis functions and combining with survey data from other sources. During a survey, data may be logged to a local file or direct to the Aries server over an Internet connection. Local files can be viewed in Aries Windows or can be sent to the Aries server after the survey.

Survey data can be viewed in Aries Windows in tabular format for the serving and neighbour cells together with a synchronised graph of RSSI.

Location is logged during a survey using a GPS receiver. Results may be exported as a kml file for viewing in Google Earth or if the Aries server is being used then the full Aries map functionality is available.

The Group Call Generator function will initiate regular test calls and log call success and failure rates.

Main Display showing real-time data logging in tabular and graph formats
Survey results may be exported as a kmz file and then displayed in Google Earth as shown
Survey data is displayed on a graph with separate lines for each TETRA base site
Floorplans may be loaded for Indoor Surveys with the location tracked by the user clicking on the map when there is no GPS signal available
Group test calls may be made automatically with the software logging success or failure of the call
Survey Data may be exported to kmz (for viewing in Google Earth) or text file formats for further analysis
Layer 2/3 information is decoded when using Motorola radio terminals
Individual TETRA PDUs can be decoded to show low level information

Aries Windows Software

Aries Probes & Server

Aries Configuration Table

Aries Windows Software

  • Parameters logged: General: Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed
  • Call Events: Monitor, Call Success (Call Setup Time), Call Fail, Call Completed Successfully, Call Dropped, Handover, Network Registration, Failed Handover, No Service
  • Motorola terminal (Airtracer mode): Serving Cell LAC/Frequency/RSSI/C1, Neighbour Cells LAC/Frequency/RSSI/C2, RDLC, MER, Slot No, Service Level, Fast Reselect Threshold, Slow Reselect Threshold, Fast Reselect Hysteresis, Slow Reselect Hysteresis, Min Rx Access level, Max Tx Power, Access Parameter, Colour Code, Subscriber Class, Security Class, MCC, MNC, Tx/Rx Modulation Mode/Rate/Bandwidth
  • Motorola terminal (PEI mode): Serving Cell LAC/Frequency/RSSI/C1, Neighbour Cells LAC/Frequency/RSSI/C2
  • Sepura/Teltronic terminal: Serving Cell LAC/Frequency/RSSI/C1, Neighbour Cells LAC/Frequency/RSSI/C2
  • Includes Group Call Generator
  • Displaying results on maps requires the Aries server or kml files can be produced and viewed in Google Earth
  • Advanced analysis functionality requires the Aries server – see Aries datasheet for details
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Requires GPS receiver similar to BU-353-S4
  • Requires interface cable suitable for selected TETRA radio terminal
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