We provide bespoke planning, design, surveying, measurements and implementation, as well as a full range of consultancy services.

Our experience spans many technologies including TETRA, LTE & DMR as well as low power and Fixed Link networks, and we work with clients both in the U.K. and worldwide.

Please explore below to see our full range of services.
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  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Coverage prediction and planning using computer prediction tools & survey data
  • Frequency planning
  • Traffic planning and analysis using traffic models or measured data
  • Licence applications and justification of channel use
  • Pre Go-Live Confidence Checks
  • Coverage verification
  • Interference assessment and avoidance
  • In life service coverage validation
  • Network optimisation
  • In-building coverage surveys
  • Contractual coverage assessments
  • Operational performance surveys
  • Quality audits
  • Remote network monitoring
  • Network management information suite
  • Call data records analysis
  • Project Management
  • Specification writing
  • Development of specialist software
  • Training