RSI completes radio communications study for Al-Nasr Full Field Development project

RSI has just completed a consultancy project to analyse all radio communications to be used for Phase II Full Field Development of the Al-Nasr offshore oil field currently under development about 131km North-West of Abu Dhabi in the Arabian Gulf.

The project was carried out under contract from Atlas Telecom of U.A.E for the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (Adma-Opco). The Nasr Super Complex consists of 7 separate platforms for processing, gas treatment, accommodation, utilities, flares and power distribution with interconnecting walkways and will eventually have the capacity to produce 65,000 bpd (barrels per day).

Analysing the radio communications has been a complex and challenging task involving multiple technologies including VHF Marine, VHF Aeronautical, UHF Pager, UHF TETRA and Radar. As well confirming the wide area coverage out to sea the study has analysed the indoor coverage from the radiating cable system on all floor levels of the platforms. An important aspect of the study has been to analyse potential interference issues from receiver blocking and intermodulation from so many communications systems in such a small area as well as determining the risk of inadvertent ignition of flammable gases by radio frequency radiation.

RSI has a track record of radio communications consultancy for other offshore platform projects in the Arabian Gulf including the Upper Zakum 750 project built on 4 artificial islands and the NAP demothballing project shown below:Click for pdf article